What if you are wanting to Buy or Sell Property in the UK?

What if you are wanting to Buy or Sell Property in the UK?

Hi everyone and once again I want to address the issues surrounding the above question and will appreciate your comments so that a solution to the problems can be found

Here is a question

“If the buying and selling of property was invented today with no prior history-how would you   design ,define, refine and speed up  the process of transferring the property to another owner ? “

I am not going to make any rules as to what can be said or not said. It is not intended to prevent any question , comment or idea.

It is also not intended to exclude anyone so all those involved in the UK property market are welcome to have their say whether a stakeholder or consumer

We are starting with a blank sheet of paper so we can make any suggestions and even wacky ideas are allowed indeed the more wacky the better and if we come up with a solution  so be it if not at least we will have aired the problem

Here is another question

“Do you think there is any process or procedure currently being used that will help us to answer the above question?”

One further question- Assuming that you have been involved in the conveyancing process

“What one thing would you change to make the transaction less stressful”

It’s now over to you and I look forward to your comments .

In the absence of any comments I will publish my ideas over the next few posts in the hope that by being controversial I will be able to prompt some responses

Until next time