How do I know when to enter the Property Market?

There is a lot of hype and information in the media  which indicates that now may be a great time to enter the property market.

I am not so sure that everyone is very wise if they listen only to this information without doing their own research.

You enter the Property market at your risk and for numerous reasons some of which might be:-

a. I need somewhere to live

b.I have a load of cash burning a hole in my pocket

c.There are some great mortgage deals out there and I don’t want to miss the boat

d. I want to become a Landlord

e. I want to open a business buying and selling property for a profit

All the above reasons are valid.

The real answer however to the question is that there is never a good or bad time to enter the market. Do so only if you have properly costed the proposition and Its as robust as you can make it.

Remember if you are buying a property as a home then think in the long term and if for investment watch closely how the market is moving as sometimes you will need to hold onto a property and sometimes you must sell.

The key is that the Property Market is volatile and will go up and down according to the usual rule of economics-supply and demand. So make sure that you fully carry out your due diligence