Does knowing your Clients really matter?

There have been endless debates in the media about this and evidence is clear that people like to be known,acknowledged and valued. If you are not actively seeking out innovative ways to interact with your clients then you will eventually lose them to your competitors who are seeking to win them.

So the question is- Do you really know your client?

If you cannot answer this in the affirmative then clearly there is work you will need to do.

So how can you get to know your clients. Think about how you develop meaningful relationships with your friends and family.let me suggest a few ideas in no order of priority

  • Find out a few personal things during a  conversations-do they have a family,are they married or with a partner,any children.How do they like their coffee/tea or what is their favourite beverage. What is of interest to them  for example what hobby do they have?This information you can use on other occasions when you meet or when you are running a course or event that may be of interest for example a Wine tasting experience
  • What are their hopes and aspirations. Are they concerned about the future in any way
  • Do they have a need of your product or service at the moment.If not find out when they may be able to use you and ensure you keep them informed about matters that interest them
  • Be in regular communication with relevant content matched to their lifestyle.An email once a quarter is a minimum
  • Think of ways to incentivise them for example offer a discount card or voucher if they instruct you  or buy a product from you
  • Find ways that will ensure your business is on their mind when they have a need that you can fulfill. Key rings,Pens and Mugs are great ways to ensure the gift is retained
  • Offer free products relevant to your clients and continually be thinking how best you can serve them.


So what now will you do differently to ensure you attract and retain your clients so that they themselves will always be talking to their friends and contacts about how well they are looked after by you . Until next time have fun being creative