What must I look for in an Estate Agent? 

  • Do they have a website?  Is it easy to navigate
  • Are they members of a recognised professional body, i.e. National Association of Estate Agents?  It should be noted that estate agents are not legally required to have any formal qualifications to be or practice as an estate agent.
  • Are they members of the relevant Ombudsman Scheme?
  • Do they give a professional and businesslike image?
  • Do they have Professional Indemnity Insurance, should they make a serious error or if they are negligent?
  • How long has the firm/company been in business?
  • What areas or districts does the firm/company cover?  Are they local or have wider or national coverage.
  • What methods of communication do they use, i.e. telephone, e-mail, text messaging, fax, post.
  • What are their terms of business?
  • What do they do for their commission?

How do I select an estate agent? 

  • By personal recommendation.
  • By professional recommendation.
  • By reputation.
  • By location, e.g. proximity to your property.
  • By cost

How much, on average, are estate agent’s fees? 

  • Commission is usually a percentage of the actual realised sale price, plus VAT.
  • Commission can be from 0.5% to 2%, sometimes more, depending on the firm.
  • It is well worth finding out what an estate agent’s rate of commission is before you consider instructing the agent.
  • When is the commission payable?  Usually on completion of the sale.

Speak to me before you choose an agent as it is possible we may be able to save you time and money by ensuring you choose wisely

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