Boom or Bust – Yet another misleading headline !!

The Government has just announced another initiative on top of the Help to buy scheme. Do you think a Discount of 20% is just more tinkering with the Market or will it make a significant differrence for first time buyers and the property market as a whole?

Home Information Pack – Why has it had an adverse effect on the property market?

 Before I consider the question, I think it is important that we understand exactly why the Government wanted to bring in reforms to the property market and, in order to do this, we must travel back in time – nearly 10 years – when the property market was very buoyant and some unscrupulous sellers were increasing the prices of their properties just before exchange of contracts (gazumping).  It was considered that doing something about this practice may make the government of the day popular, however, it was soon discovered that gazumping was only affecting 2% or less of the market.  This clearly resulted in a re-think and it was suggested that, because a number of properties fall through just prior to exchange, there were considerable abortive fees incurred, payable to the lawyers and, therefore, that something had to be done

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Management Company

I recently attended an AGM for a management company run by the residents which also owned the freehold of the block of apartments. It became clear during the meeting that while the Directors wer seeking legal advice on a number of issues the lawyer involved failed to advise them on their obligations relating to expenses incurred exceeding £250.00 per unit. This clearly had an impact on their ability to raise funds for necessary works at the property and indeed the meeting was adjourned as a result of this and other procedural matters.

Why Buy To Let?

Good Afternoon Everyone. Today I thought I would talk about the Buy to Let market and in particular answer the following three questions:-1. To buy or not to buy?2. To sell or not to sell?3. What are the risks?A Buy to Let property is normally a UK property being purchased usually with the aid of a mortgage to be let at a monthly rent following completion to individuals or companies on a monthly rent.If you listen to the media, be it television, radio or newspapers, you will be hearing that the property market is in free fall and prices are therefore dropping.In the light of these predictions, it is important to understand why you may wish to purchase the property and what are the advantages.The first point to recognise is that entering into the Buy to Let market cannot be

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