“The Property Market has died-Long live the Property Market”

So listening to the Media  on the Television , In the Newspapers and on the radio it seems that many people are concerned about the future of the property market.

“Know the 7 reasons you lose clients”

So her we are at the beginning of another year where for some of us last year is best discarded into the bin-or is it.

Management Company

I recently attended an AGM for a management company run by the residents which also owned the freehold of the block of apartments. It became clear during the meeting that while the Directors wer seeking legal advice on a number of issues the lawyer involved failed to advise them on their obligations relating to expenses incurred exceeding £250.00 per unit. This clearly had an impact on their ability to raise funds for necessary works at the property and indeed the meeting was adjourned as a result of this and other procedural matters.