Buying or Selling-Biggest Mistake or Wise Decision…….!

We are once again hearing pundits of the Property Market saying that it’s both rising and falling!

Clearly both positions cannot be true-or can they?

If you take an overview of the Property Market it can from statistical evidence be shown as growing however if that is broken down into regional or Local markets then the story can be markedly different.

The answer is whatever you are doing in relation to Property it is extremely important that you carry out a full market assessment so that the decision you make is financially sound and meets your expectations .

I am planning on revisiting some of my earlier articles as part of a new series designed to help you avoid costly pitfalls. This will be both as regards your actual Property negotiations and the businesses you involve in order to assist you in the various contracts/agreements you enter into when involved in a property transaction.

Let me know some of the problems you have encountered and I will attempt to address them as part of my posts