Are your Customers really your Clients ?

This is a great question to get you thinking.

Who are your customers?

Are they the people who are introduced to you or those who you obtain through marketing activities?

Do they find you by referral or through advertising?

What are you doing to attract them?

So are these people customers or clients?

Much depends on how you are treating and or serving them.

I consider that a customer is someone who you will see once or twice but will not build any significant relationship with you. A  client is a person with whom over a period of time you will have built some form of a relationship

So how well do you serve them?

Do you know anything about them? Have you promised a product or service that they actually need or want? Have you considered what else you can do to assist them?

Remember although you are running a business it is more important as to how you serve them and not the amount of income you may be receiving from your client?

Tell me what you think? How well do you look after and serve your clients? What do you do to add value to them?